Sunday, March 04, 2007

EDM: Lightbulb and News

I was tired this weekend, plus I had to work today. I was determined to do the last two EDM challenges,though. So here are some quick and dirty sketches.

First up is EDM 107, where I get my news. Our mail box and paper box is built into this brick, uh, thing. So I drew in just the part that holds the paper. It's done in ink and watercolor pencil. The delivery person usually does a good job of shoving it all the way in the back of the box so you have to peer in there is make sure it's there.

Next is EDM 108, a lightbulb. This is an appliance or ceiling fan bulb done in pencil. It was the only bulb available without removing one from a lamp. It's a little wonky and misshapen. I discovered that the hard thing about drawing a light bulb is that they roll. So it has a little mixed perspective. I had fun drawing this though. I might have to try more light bulbs.


Lynn said...

I agree that the light bulb does like to roll, and the cat likes to play with them, and everytime you move you bump the table and they roll a bit more. This was a real challenge, wasn't it? But you did a great job with it.

laserone_ said...

These are really good. I love how the brick looks, with the nice coloring. The bulb is fantastic too. Great job! :)

Unknown said...

You must have taped the light bulb to the table--it looks great! What a neat way to get a newspaper. The ones we get around here are thrown out from a car.

I was looking at your art and did not realize that "Inspire me Thursday" was up and running again. I loved doing them.

Sydney Harper said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone.

The new "Inspire Me Thursday" site is really nice. I enjoy the weekly challenges when I have time.