Saturday, March 31, 2007


This week's topic for Friday March 30th: Sin #2: GLUTTONY!

What do you overindulge in during your days in your studio while creating? Food or drink? How bad is it and how bad is it for you? How are you planning on changing it?

Actually when I'm deep in thought or painting or drawing, I tend to underindulge. It's only when I need a break and get up to walk around that I grab something to eat and drink. I forget all about the need for food and drink. If there is anything I overindulge in, though, it would be coffee. I have to start my day with coffee but not just any coffee. It's usually Peet's Coffee, although I try other coffees from time to time. While it's probably bad for me, it's one indulgence I'm not planning on changing. Most of the time, I actually prefer food that's good for me, so this is my little daily rebellion.


Anonymous said...

LOL.....seems to be a very popular answer!

Monica Yvette said...

It looks like no one wants to quit the coffee. Don't blame you there. Wish I could forget to eat or something. lol

Anonymous said...

i am so with you too !!