Sunday, December 06, 2009

Getting Back in My Groove: Garlic Sketch


Garlic Bulb and Cloves, ink and watercolor in watercolor Moleskine
© 2009 Sydney Harper

So getting back to my veggies that I’ve been sketching, here’s some garlic. Well, on second thought, I’m not sure most people would consider it a vegetable. It’s food so it will have to do. I decided to punch up the color a bit on the garlic, otherwise it would have been a little bland. At first I was afraid I had gone too far. Now that it is a day later, I like it better. I still may try it again sometime. You can see my previous veggies here, here, here, here, and here.

My personal life has been rather chaotic lately, so it’s been difficult getting back into my groove. I think I’m almost there now though. I still have some backlogged things I want to do but they should be easy to squeeze in.