Sunday, November 08, 2009

Turnip Sketch

Turnip by Sydney Harper

Turnip, ink and watercolor in Moleskine
2009 Sydney Harper

I think I like turnips because they have that purple blush at the top. Well I like eating them too, but I would probably ignore them if they were just white. It’s interesting how important color is in our food. I was hoping to find some turnips with greens attached but it wasn’t meant to be. Probably because lots of people here eat the green tops so they can sell them separately.

An interesting historical tidbit about turnips is that turnip lanterns were the predecessor to today’s jack o’lanterns.

This sketch was done in ink and watercolor in my watercolor Moleskine.


Robin said...

Love your sketches! You've been keeping all this a secret! I didn't know about your artwork.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore this and your root vege sketches. You give them such personalities. I could just see this guy being a bit of a curmudgeon.

Sydney Harper said...


LOL! I think of the turnip as a curmudgeon in a way too.