Friday, March 09, 2007

SF: Fragile

Mom in her younger days.This week's topic for Friday March 9th : FRAGILE!

What is the most fragile in your studio? What makes it so fragile? What would you do without it and where do you keep it so it is safe and won't break?

Other than my sometimes wavering self-confidence, the most fragile thing in my studio are my family photos. Some are particularly old and dog-eared. Most are irreplaceable. Of course, there are some current family photos. It's the photos of family members who passed long ago that I treasure the most. They keep me connected to ancestors and family members I have never met or only briefly met. A few are framed and placed on a bookcase. Most are carefully stored in a box in the closet. Every now and then, I will bring them out and wonder what it would be like to know them then. Would my parents seem like different people than the ones I grew to know through my perspective as their child? Do I really see a part of myself in that distant ancestor?


Emma Pod said...

I love this photo and your post. I also have a vintage photo collection. Most are of family members and the photos are just priceless. I love the old sepia colors and the interesting poses. I also look at them and wonder about their lives. Sometimes when I'm out antique hunting, I look though boxes of old photos and buy some. They seem to need a home - so I frame them and put them up with the relatives.

I also like your lightbulb and newspaper box