Thursday, March 15, 2007

EDM 109 - A Clock

I'm still lagging a bit behind on the Everyday Matters challenges, and every other challenge I like to participate in. Life has been a little hectic lately but hopefully I can get back into some kind of routine soon. I did get the clock challenge completed though. This is one of my favorite clocks in the house. It's not the most attractive clock. It's just a simple little travel alarm clock, but it's like an old friend. It's done with a ZIG pen with the glow in the dark bits done in colored pencil.


get zapped said...

This is a fun, simple drawing. I wish I could at least tolerate noise (and even find it comforting) like you. ;)

Emma Pod said...

This is very nice clock and well drawn! I also like the quiet ticking you mention. It's hard to find a clock like this anymore - everything is digital.