Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Abandoned Art

Rooftops by Sydney Harper This week's Challenge for Inspire Me Thursday was to search our studios for art that had been abandoned and finish them or to make a new piece of art from something that was abandoned. At first I couldn't think of anything because I really try to finish my pieces. Then I remembered this one. I probably started this around 1990. Talk about abandoned! Several times I was going to either toss it out or gesso over it. Then I decided if I'm going to throw it out anyway, I might as well experiment with it. I tried several things but ended changing some of the colors a bit, bringing some of the green down into the buildings, and painting in some smoke from the chimneys.

The changes weren't that major but I feel better about it now. I still like the general idea behind it. I've always been inspired by rooftops so I'll probably try another similar painting one of these days. So thanks to Inspire Me Thursday, it didn't get thrown away.

Rooftops, acrylic on canvas, 9 x 12 inches.


Emma Pod said...

What a great idea to rejuvenate a did a nice job with this! It has an interesting, eerie, sense about it with the smoke and dark night sky (or maybe it's dark woods). I like the violet/purple colors that you used. I recently saw the movie "Mary Poppins" and this picture reminds me of the rooftop scenes with the chimney sweeps.

Alison said...

This reminds me of a fairytale - I think it's lovely

Carole said...

I really like this. I'm also a fan of roof tops, and I love your use of colour.