Monday, February 26, 2007

SF: Quoted

This week's topic for Friday February 23rd suggested by Robyn: QUOTED!

"Quotes are so inspiring. They give us comfort in rough times or the push we need to overcome our obstacles or fears. They enlighten us and give clarity and "A-ha's". Some we keep around for a life time and let them guide us, others we forget about. We work with them maybe or pass them on to others."~ Robyn

I don't often remember to save quotes I like. This one inspired me because it seems so true of me. It's hard for me to be inspired when I'm overly self-conscious. Besides, I'm a fan of Aaron Copeland.

"Inspiration may be a form of superconsciousness, or perhaps of subconsciousness - I wouldn't know. But I am sure it is the antithesis of self-consciousness."
- Aaron Copeland

Another quote comes from one of my favorite, well worn little books,
The Book of Qualities by J. Ruth Gendler.

"At times Joy is elusive - she seems to disappear even as we approach her. I see her standing on a ridge covered with oak trees, and suddenly the distance between us feels enormous. I am overwhelmed and wonder if the effort to reach her is worth it. Yet, she waits for us. Her desire to walk with us is as great as our longing to accompany her."

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