Saturday, October 14, 2006

Studio Friday: Fear

This week's topic for Friday October 13th suggested by Casey: FEAR!

"I have been away from Studio Friday for a while, and I really struggled with the toot your own horn topic. It actually made me do some free-writing and I thought of another topic that might be helpful for some of the studio friday artists: Fear."

What an appropriate time to join Studio Friday than when the topic is Fear. I've been meaning to join for a while now but I keep finding a reason to put it off. I don't really have a fear of things like spiders, flying, heights, snakes, hideous accidents or anything like that. My art is another thing entirely, though.

First there's the fear of failure. Not the fear of individual failed pieces but the fear that they will all be failures, that I will be a failure. I'm getting past this though. I have to remind myself that I mostly do art because I enjoy it and because it's who I am.

Then there's the fear that comes with the start of each individual painting. Every painting seems to go through it's ugly stage. Early on you wonder if you're just wasting paper and paint. I have to keep reminding myself to push on. I learn something from every painting, even failures. So with each step I take, the fear gets better. Each painting is a stepping stone to who I am now.

The painting here is one of my favorites, an older watercolor painting on the news media and fear.

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Going For Greatness said...

I LOVE that painting........ I have issues with the media... I hate the hype and B/S that most of the media tosses out there. It's as if they are intentionally trying to freak people out.
I am sad to see that artists fear that their art will be rejected or critisized in a negative manner. Art; beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So one critic may not be able to feel or appreciate one piece of art but the next critic may feel it's the most wonderful and expressive piece on Earth........
Have a fearless Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Great painting. I also have issues with the art I create. Dont we all? Check out 5 stages of creativity on (Sept26) If you can get through stage 2, (resistance) its almost a breeze.

Sydney Harper said...

Oh, thanks for that link! That's so true. Once I get through the resistance stage, everything is easy. Here's a direct link to the post.