Saturday, October 21, 2006

Studio Friday: Autumn Inspiration

This week's topic for Friday October 20th suggested by Kerri: AUTUMN INSPIRATION!

"Autumn inspiration - According to my calendar, today (Sept 22) is the "Autumnal Equinox," and it's my favorite season, so show me what you love about the fall - the colors?... the leaves?...etc."~ Kerri

Here's some pictures from around the house, except the tree. The picture of the tree was taken down the street. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. I love the crisp, clean feel of the air. I love the colors of the leaves, the berries on the bushes, pumpkins and winter squashes, and the bright blue sky on clear days. It's also the time of year when the smell of homemade breads, soups, pies and warm apple cider permeate the air. Autumn is full of good days for staying at home, planning projects, painting, knitting, and cooking.

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Kerri Jean said...

Hi Sydney,
Thanks for posting. I love your photos and totally agree. Those of us who love fall seem to appreciate how it engages all of the senses, taste, smell, sight, feel/texture etc.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the fall season!

Going For Greatness said...

Lovely photos! I agree... Autumn is just such a family season!!

Suzie Q said...

Hi Sydney, thanks for your comment on my submission. This post is great - you've reminded me of all the lovely cosy things about Autumn - your photo's are lovely, and have made me hungry! :D
Your artwork is beautiful. Please keep posting it!

Sue x