Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Still Here

White Iris by Sydney Harper
Don't you just hate it when someone starts a blog, posts a first message and then never comes back? Yeah, me too. It's not easy for me to put my art out there. Once I started the blog, I had to take a step back before I could continue. Enough of my quirkiness though.

My first love is painting in acrylics. Well I love oils too but I just don't have a good place to use oils. My studio is also my home office and spare bedroom. The solvent smells would be just a little too much. Plus I like the quick drying aspect of acrylics.

I also like painting with watercolors but I still have a way to go technique-wise. So I try to practice my watercolors whenever I get the chance. It gets better with each painting. Here's my latest watercolor of an iris bloom. I've been getting home late this week so I had to take the picture at night. The colors are close though. I'm pleased with this one. I learned quite a bit with it and I like the end result. There is a lot I could have done better but that will always be true. Anyway I'm going to post regularly and not let so much time go by between posts.


My Five Sons said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my page! The hand spun is soft though not as soft as some angora wool that I did some time ago,I tend to over spin my yarn so its abit heavy,but its nice anyway!

My Five Sons said...

Hey thanks again for dropping by! I appreciate everyones thought,I am much more wary now!!!
Love your works!!!!