Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Katie Cat

Katie Cat by Sydney Harper

Katie Cat , pencil in sketchbook
by Sydney Harper

I've been wanting to paint our cat, Katie, for a while now. So lately I've been working on some compositions. This is probably the one I will use. There's not a lot of detail except in the face. Mostly I just wanted to get the primary lines down. The face is where I have the most trouble, so that's where I focused my attention. I drew the eyes several times before they looked right, where I could look at the drawing and say "That's Katie cat."


Kim said...

Lovely lines, Sydney. A very regal looking cat is Katie. (I am a cat lover, too.) Can't wait to see your painting.


Sydney Harper said...

Thanks! Katie certainly thinks she's queen of the house. :)

Robin Pedrero said...

This is a very nice drawing!