Friday, November 10, 2006

Studio Friday: Studio Indulgences

This week's topic for Friday November 10th suggested by naomi: STUDIO INDULGENCES!

" What can't you live without in your studio."
~ naomi

My "studio" has always been a multi-purpose room. It's my home office, my studio, and the guest bedroom. But the last purpose, the guest bedroom, has been because it has the daybed in it. In reality though, we have other places guests could sleep. The real reason I have the daybed in this room is because I want it there. It's the place where I relax and take naps. It's the place where I read books and magazines (another indulgence).

Most important, it's the place where I sit down with a cup of coffee (yet another indulgence), spread out books and papers and contemplate where I'm going with my next project.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd say a nap is a definite indulgence! Happy Studio Friday!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, a nap spot. I have to share the couch with one or three cats if I want to take a nap. I love your daybed!

Kerri Jean said...

I love the idea of a cozy place IN your room to get inspired. My room is tiny & functional, but there's not one cozy spot. I have a cozy living room, but how nice to stay in the same room as your art for inspiration. I am in the process of designing the larger of our two spare bedrooms & moving out of the tiny one. You have now given me the idea that I need a cozy corner - no room for a daybed, but a cozy chair & ottoman would do nicely. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh how nice! I'd love a day bed in my studio as well!

isay said...

so cool! i like those pillows and your coffee mug!