Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adventures in Art Journaling

Visual Journal Workshop Page 2 Week 2

Going with my word for the year, Courage, I decided that I would learn some new techniques and try some new things this year. Since Strathmore (the artist papers folks) are offering some free workshops to go with their new Visual Journals, I decided to start the year with the Recycled Journal Pages Workshop.

Not only has it been lots of fun, but the page shown above has been featured in the Strathmore Winter 2011 newsletter, on their blog, and on their Facebook page. Plus I received a pack of their Ready Cut Watercolor paper. It comes in standard sizes to fit readymade frames and mats. I received 8 x 10 inch hot press paper, a nice size to use, with 10 sheets of 140 lb paper.  So how cool is that!

In the Recycled Journal Pages Workshop, you work on one page over a period of four weeks. I'm actually working on two pages. I have always kept a sketchbook, or actually more like a creativity journal since it has notes and thoughts as well as sketches. This workshop uses copies of your old pages to make new pages. It's been a fun workshop and I've leaned some new techniques from it. Life got in the way, so I still need to finish weeks 3 and 4.  That's one of this weekend's goals. The workshops are self-directed so you can still start the Recycled Journal Pages Workshop. More on my pages from this workshop later.


Chris said...

Very cool about your journal page getting so much recognition! Definitely deserved. :)

Donna Mulholland said...

I really enjoyed the workshop, too. Of note there is a cool page project by Pam Carriker at

Denise T said...

I love your work. I followed you here from the strathmore site-nice stuff!

Sydney Harper said...

Thanks, Denise!

William Hessian said...

Great blog. I stumbled on your art blog while working on my own art blog. Journalling is something I need to do more of, but I am a sketchbook fiend. I have one in my car, one in each bag (3), and keep one at each workplace. The only problem with that system is trying to track down and consolidate all my ideas. These workshops look great.

Check out my blog sometime.