Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sketching While Waiting

My Foot
copyright - Sydney Harper

My husband had to get some work done on his car this week. If possible, we try to make a day, or at least an evening of it, and do some things around town. We still have to deal with the time spent in the waiting room at the auto shop though, so we go prepared. He brings his computer. I bring my sketchbook and my knitting. We had a longer than usual wait this time so I knit a little, sketched a little, knit a little again, and sketched again. I practiced sketching some of the people in the waiting room. Then when I ran out of subjects, I drew my foot, which just happens to qualify for EDM 1 - Draw a shoe. I usually carry a copy of the Everyday Matters (EDM) Challenge List in my sketchbook in case I run out of ideas. Having time to just sit and sketch makes car repairs a much more pleasant experience. Things have been so busy lately that I seldom have such a large block of time to just sit and sketch.


Robyn Sinclair said...

I've just sent my husband off to get a registration check done on our car. Now I realise I've missed a great sketching opportunity.
Lovely to find your blog, Sydney. I'm enjoying catching up on previous posts. Love your ferret and agree that an ordinary sketchbook is more liberating than a treasured high quality one. Silly, isn't it? :)

caseytoussaint said...

Great job on that foot, Sydney! That's the best part of this sketching habit - you are always faced with a challenge, never bored.

Sydney Harper said...

robyn - I almost look forward to these times. It seems like a luxury to just be able to sit and sketch, although I could do without the cost of the repairs. :)

casey - Thanks! Yes, there's always something around to sketch.