Saturday, December 02, 2006

Studio Friday: Favorite Color Combos

Travel watercolors and watercolor pencils.

This week's topic for Friday December 1st suggested by Sharla: MY FAVOURITE COLOUR COMBOS!

" I make jewelry and I find that I have certain color combinations that tend to be my favorite and I use more often. So I would love to see what color combinations everyone likes to use".
~ Sharla

Hmm... I always have trouble with questions like this. I don't really have favorite colors or color combinations. It's like asking a parent which child is their favorite child. The colors I choose are affected by the subject I'm painting but they are also affected by my mood. Sometimes I'm attracted to certain subjects because of their color. I notice that I often focus of certain colors when I paint. This year I went through a noticeable red phase, followed by a brief blue, green, and brown phase. Right now I'm more attracted to yellow and orange or yellow, magenta and purple to brighten up those gloomy days we've been having. It's nice to wallow in a certain color or color combination to get the feel of it and explore its limits before moving on to a different color.

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wynlen said...

Great photo! I love seeing lots of colors next to each other like this.


Jeanne said...

I agree...there are so many wonderful color combinations and mine can change daily, depending on my mood.