Friday, October 02, 2009

Quick TV Sketching

One of the things I do to practice quick sketches is sketch while watching Sunrise Earth or sometimes just any show on TV.  Sometimes that’s as close as I get to watching TV.  It forces me to work quickly and not agonize over details.  Usually I just do ink sketches, but here’s a couple where I tried something different. Sometimes I’ll do little landscapes.  Other times, I’ll sketch random bits and pieces.

Some Shoreline

The sketch above was done in watercolor pencil.  It was a shoreline in Massachusetts or Maine, I forget which one. I like the sketch but the watercolor pencil didn’t work well for me.  I found myself spending more time on it than I wanted. But then I don’t use watercolor pencils that often so maybe it’s just an experience thing.

Plants and birds

Watercolor worked much better.   I used my travel watercolor kit for the sketch above. I don’t have much time to think about colors or technique and sometimes I don’t  get a chance to finish what I’m sketching.  It’s a good change of pace from my usual sketching.