Sunday, February 01, 2009

Week 4 Sketch Page and PITT artist pens

2009 Week 4
Ink and watercolor in sketchbook

I'm a little behind on posting my weekly sketches so I'll start with Week 4 and post Week 5 later in the week. Week 4 was inauguration week and Obama was on everyone's mind, including mine. This also shows what happens when you randomly add start adding stuff. You end up with random arms and heads coming out of Obama's chest and neck. But hey, the idea is to practice. Actually this has some good points. Portraits aren't my strong point since I don't practice them often. From that aspect, this isn't bad. The poor hand ended up short and stubby like a baby hand. Obama has much more graceful hands. I think I was hurrying a bit too much when I added in that arm.

This was also a practice piece for my new set of PITT artist pens. It's a set of 4 pens - superfine tip, fine tip, medium tip, and brush tip. I did this with the brush tip. The superfine tip doesn't seem that fine to me but when I compare it to my old pen, they're about the same width. I think the ink in the PITT pens are just blacker and more pigmented. I'm still getting used to the brush tip but overall I like them. I also did a quick sketch of Katie to try out the pens.

Sketch of Katie - 22 Jan


caseytoussaint said...

I love both of these - but that cat sketch is especially appealing!

xxx said...

Hi When I read your name "sydney harper" it made me think of "sydney harbour" - I guess that's because I'm Australian:-)

Nice blog

best wishes

Sydney Harper said...

Thanks! I like how the cat sketch turned out.


Every now and then I'll get an email that seems intended for someone in Australia. Thanks!

britt-zilla said...

I love that image of Obama. I'm really into art (it's my minor in college). And even though it's a sketch, it's really great. Keep up the great work!

Sydney Harper said...

Thanks britt-zilla! Sketches are about the only portraits I do.