Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tropicana Rose

Tropicana Rose
Copyright by Sydney Harper

Saturday was a beautiful day so I spent most of the day in the yard weeding and trimming. Last year we had a mild winter followed by a late spring hard freeze that zapped most of our trees and flowers. Even the trees took a while to recover from it. Then on top of that, we had a drought all summer. This year the flowers seem to be making up for lost time. My one rose bush is covered in beautiful blooms, the most I've ever seen on it. It helps that we've had a very rainy spring. That's the other reason I absolutely had to get in the yard and clean it up a bit before it turned into a jungle. I just had to sketch one of the roses in my Moleskine watercolor book, which I enjoy using by the way.


Judybec said...

Very pretty drawing. It's so soft looking. Glad your bush is covered with blooms this year-- Gardening is wonderful!--especially in the spring.

Sydney Harper said...

I'm not a very good gardener but I love it this time of year.