Saturday, April 07, 2007

SF: Greed

This week's topic for Friday April 6th: Sin #2: GREED!

This is an ugly one as well....uuuuh! What is it you are greedy about or feel greedy about? Is it material or is it a behavior? Are you greedy for emotions? Do you hoard? How do you want to change for the better? It can be small steps or do you rather take a big step to change?

Sometimes when life gets very busy, I get greedy for time - time by myself, time to rediscover myself. Mostly though, I'm greedy for supplies. When it comes to my knitting, I want lots of yarn and knitting needles. For my art, I want lots of supplies just in case I want to try something new or just in case I run out of something and need it right now.

Cheap supplies, expensive supplies, it doesn't matter. Tiny bits of paper, ancient tubes of paint, they're all stashed away somewhere. In my mind, I can see a use for all of them.

Unfortunately, I also have supplies that I've hardly used, like those colored pencils or oil pastels I bought, just to see if I like using them.
My goal is to finally throw out those old dried up tubes of paint and to actually use some of these supplies I've been saving before I go out and buy more. Now about those inks I've been wanting lately....


Monica Yvette said...

I can understand wanting to hoard art supplies. It seems like the more you have, the more you can innovate, but like you, some of my stash has gone unused for forever.

Going For Greatness said...

Oo I can see why you hoard these things! They are beautiful, bright and cheerful!! Using a bit here and there justifies the hoarding, I always say ;) Hee Hee Hee!!
Have a fabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

So luscious; my mouth just dropped open when I saw these all lined up in roy g biv order.

Oh no - my pencil acquisition gene is hearing it's ugly head just because you reminded me about turquoise and salmon and lake blue and . . .

It's a wonderful Studio Friday contribution.