Friday, January 12, 2007

SF: Travels

This week's topic for Friday January 12th suggested by Hanne: TRAVELS!

"Travelling is a wonderful possibility to open for new inspiration and ideas. I´ll say it´s actually one of the greatest advantages to travelling!
A lot of new impressions and probably also new materials to bring home for future artwork. Maybe new friends - who knows? Anyway, I thought it could be very interesting to know where other bloggers travel. And if you don´t travel right now because of limited econonomy or other restrictions - I think we always travell in our mind: dreaming of somewhere in the countryside - or maybe a big city loaded with museums, galleries and flea markeds for new "input" for our studios and art."
~ Hanne
View of Grand CanyonThe first place I thought about when I read this week's topic was our trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona year before last. Pictures just can't express that feeling you get when you first see it in person. Miles of ordinary desert landscape suddenly drop away into an immense canyon. I've gotten more inspiration from the Grand Canyon and its history than any other place I've visited.

Painted ceiling at the Grand CanyonWhen a major trip isn't possible, though I like to visit a museum.

Science museum in AtlantaSee more Studio Friday here.



good year

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing in this virtual vacation!

Anonymous said...

Museums are great as mini getaways. We recently saw an exhibit of Chinese photography here in town that made me feel like I was a million miles away!

I need orange said...

The Grand Canyon is at the top of my list of places to go!

I agree with you about taking mini-trips to museums. I also like zoos, botanical gardens, and just driving on dirt roads out in the country. Anything off my beaten path will offer new things to look at....